We create a variety of sculptures that will carry your spirit into the mountains. Each item is hand crafted from a variety of stones including calcite, slate, travertine, marble, jasper, chrysocolla and many more from around the world. We are excited to be in galleries and shops coast to coast including the Smithsonian Institute Museum of Natural History gift shop and the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum gift shop.

Come and experience how the warmth and beauty of natural stone can bring the wilderness into home. Explore with us and discover what the spirit of nature can do to wake up your home and your senses… you might want to put on your hiking boots!

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The sculptures that Jerry and Marshall create bring the wild outdoors right up close and in your face. Making use of the textures, colors, and contrasts found in natural stone, they successfully create a wilderness that is soothing…and mysterious at the same time. The work is tranquil yet uncontained. The medium provides a perfect pallet for “working outside the lines”, and environment where they seem to be most comfortable.