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About the Plants

The plants you see are called Tillandsia, or commonly “air plants”.  They are in the Bromeliad family, and what makes them unique is that they don’t require soil.  Tillandsia would grow naturally in South and Central America and in the southern United States. 

Because they don’t need soil, all water and nutrients are taken through the leaves.  The roots are used as wire-like anchors.  The plants are not toxic to animals and travel and ship well. 

Tillandsia like bright, indirect light.  Generally, no direct sunlight is recommended, but certain varieties can handle some. They will not survive a freeze. 

Tillandsia need water.  In fact, they like a lot of water.  A heavy spraying, rinsing, or soaking 2-3 times a week if they are indoors.  Simply take the plants out of the sculpture and over to the sink.  They are not attached.  Remember, they would naturally live in a climate where it rains frequently. 

Food is necessary from time to time, once or twice a month.  There are water soluble fertilizers like Miracle Grow that can be used at ¼ strength or Bromeliad fertilizer.  Regular feeding will help the plant flourish and bloom.  Rain water is probably the most balanced food the plant could get.

    The sculptures that Jerry creates bring the wild outdoors right up close and in your face. Making use of the textures, colors, and contrasts found in natural stone, he successfully creates a wilderness that is soothing…and mysterious at the same time. The work is tranquil yet uncontained. The medium provides a perfect pallet for “working outside the lines”, and environment where he seems to be most comfortable.


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